Theodolite 应用的评论


Nice app

While not as good as dedicated hardware it’s very useful

My favorite gadget app.

I love it.

Perfect for my uses

I have no real use for this app it’s just a toy for me. That being said I initially got the app for the emergency situation where having a range finder and compass would be useful. So far I’ve not needed it for that purpose but if I should need it for such an occasion I feel my bases would be covered with the tools provided within.

Theodolite makes my job easier...

Great app, allows me to geotag objects & places easily for documentation and/or sharing. Easy to set up and modify as need changes. Facilitates field measurements. Have given copies to several friends & colleagues...

Love it!

Use this all the time in the field for work. Never had one hicupp in over 2 years now.

Buy this compass

This app is GOAT worthy.!

Theodolite App

Very useful for quick field survey. Well worth the price.


Great app. I use it for work all the time.

Great App

The Theodolite App is great! I use this app as one of my tools while working sometimes and it has helped me to be able to explain situations and the correct attitude and altitude of the photos. You can not go wrong by acquiring this app!

Great App!!

As a former military pilot, I love this app! It allows me to quickly know my location, and to determine azimuth/elevation to various terrain features. Fun and valuable!!!! Thanks!!


I have used this app for years and I consider it extremely useful . Highly recommended


Fantastic find your way in space!!!

Great app

Works great never had any issues

Great capabilities

Fantastic fun


Makes my job easier.


Such a useful app for anyone who spends time outdoors. I use it all the time to find and send coordinates, time, date, and elevation. I just wish there was a “find” feature that would allow you to enter a location’s coordinates, then give you a directional arrow and distance to the entered point. Maybe in the future. Roy 210-508-8600

Fantastic App

1,000 different uses - 1,000 different times! I’m in the military and use is CONSTANTLY!


Kicks butt

Very good app.

Very helpful app when I am out doing surveys of map data👍🏻. I really enjoy using it.


Nicely done. App works as indicated.

Theodolite review

Nice app. Very handy.


Super utility program displaying GPS position, altitude, azimuth, tilt & horizon angle for camera orientation. Great for telescope alignment!


This is one great app for doing landscape, photos, locations, all sorts of geo work.

Love it!

Perfect for orienteering and SAR operations.

A good app

As a teacher and tourist I've used this from plotting archeological digs to showing students geological formations. It works seemingly everywhere and does everything I ask it to.

Great App!

Use it all the time for my fieldwork. Simple to use and the gps mapping is very helpful to my clients.

Great ap for construction and mapping

This is a great app, let me share an example; a small city i was employed at had just resurfaced most of the asphalt roads. I got a call from the boss about some truck leaking hydraulic fluid on our newly surfaced roadways. If you dont know hydraulic fluid is like a solvent for asphalt and creates holes and ultimately will lead to a failure in the road surface if the fluid leaks enough. It was not long before i picked up the trail of the culprit, a local garbage truck , caught up to the driver of the leaky truck and informed him he was leaking hydraulic fluid and made him turn off his hydraulic unit and go back to his shop and to inform his boss of the occurrence. It wasn’t long before his boss contacted me and argued with me about the extent of the damages. I provided a map of the trucks route and pictures with times, gps locations. Argument over, but the boss wanted to know how i recorded this stuff. Showed him the ap and i think ,he’s a customer too. I know all the guys on my engineering staff purchased this ap and use it to record all kinds of data, great ap

Love this app

This has been a great app to track and send coordinates with photos.


Excellent app! You do have to wade through a bunch of settings, but you can get exactly what you want.

Excellent tool for navigation and documenting important places

This app is both fun and useful. If you ever need to show exactly where something is, or show that you did that job out in the back forty, this app will provide a photo which includes all the information you can possibly imagine- exact latitude and longitude, bearing, altitude, time, date, inclination in 3 dimensions. In principle someone else could very nearly stand in your exact footprints to see the scene, based on the photo. Another useful function is as a Sight Level. I put some bright tape on a tree or the side of the house at my eye level. Using this app I can move around and if I can see the tape I can tell within an inch or so my elevation relative to the tape. This helps with landscaping my yard, for example. So if you are a contractor, forester, or investigator, this would do a nice job for you. I use this app with Boy Scouts, not only for a handy compass bearing, but also for questions like, “If that tree were to fall, would it hit my tent?” (Hint: 45 degree vertical inclination). Or, “How side is that river?” (Classic map & compass exercise.) I cannot evaluate the accuracy of the measurements (apps are notorious for displaying way more accuracy than they really can achieve), but they seem good for my purposes. If you have a boat with good navcom, check the accuracy and let us know! I use it a lot and like it a great deal, and yes, it IS a great deal at this price!

Great app.

Well worth your time to download.

Great program for site surveys, as-built documentation, progress photos; etc

I use this daily. Boss is impressed. Keeps asking for pics, “from your amazing camera.”

Az Builder

I draw residential plans. It’s a great tool for use in the field . I use it often. I can use it to locate property corners w/out having to hire a surveyor. I can do rough topos with the tools it has. Best value of any app I’ve purchased. Amazing tool for the cost.

Military coordinates

Switch to military coordinates settings would be nice to have


Love it-one of favorite apps.- use all the time.

Useful app

Would buy again. As a biologist, I use this app to take watermarked date time latitude longitude elevation stamped photos.

Very cool app

It’s a neat app. Useful for military folks or anybody that just wants well displayed data about their location and related onfo.

Super cool!

I use this app when in the mountains when I want to know my altitude and coordinates and take pix of memorable places. It’s a fun app!

Execellent field too

Excellent field tool.


Fantastic tool for the cost

Great App

I am an engineer thus I am requires to do quick screening surveys outdoors examining damage. This is my go to app for that work! Highly recommended.

Better than I imagined

Showing the altitude is one of my fav features as I live in a hilly area. When I scroll thru pics it helps me create some topography in my head.

Most accurate app for me

This is the most accurate app I use for alt and direction.

Great way to document geo data for photos

I use this to take an geo shot of the area I’m in so if I need to reference after I have a reference.

Problem with IPhone Compass

I think the Theodolite app is very well designed. However, it relies on the compass in the iPhone 7 plus to be accurate. That's a big problem! All iPhone 7 plus phones have a worthless compass in them... I can't use the Theodolite app for anything real because all of the data that would need an accurate compass heading is wrong by incredible amounts. If you Google the compass issue on iPhone 7, you'll see everyone has pretty much the same issue and only Apple can fix it but they don't have much interest! So... Theodolite is good, maybe on other phones other than 7's... not useful on a 7 plus.

Really excellent app

Theodolite is one of those rare apps that is completely excellent at performing its job. It provides a wealth of function and information, but using it is no more complicated than taking a picture.



Good App

Theo is a good app. There are a couple features I’d like to see incorporated on the next upgrade, but overall, it’s very useful!


Want to know where you are; lon, lat, alt l, Theodolie is what you use plus extras

Solid App!

Used this app on various occasions to setup ranges. Was able to establish right and left lateral limits quicker then using a compass.

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