Theodolite 应用的评论


Great for construction work!

Works awesome!


In a class alone. Too COOL!

Multiple use tool

Tool is very handy. Multiple uses from setting up satellite antennas, rough surveys, measurements and photo with info for reference.

Great app

I use this app more than I thought I would...

A tool for avalanche forecasters and backcountry skiers/boarders.

Theodolite is a fantastic tool for avalanche professionals and all backcountry skiers and riders. For the professionals, take a photo of your pit to obtain and record location, altitude, aspect, date and time. Take a side view, tilting to the slope and you have the angle. This shortens the time required to obtain and record data, while increasing accuracy. For backcountry recreational users, use theodolite to determine aspect (some easy math required) and altitude. A side view shot and you have slope angle. Are you on plan for angle, aspect and elevation?

Great app

Works just fine

Theodolite review

Theodolite is great. It's really like a little theodolite riding around in my pocket. Took some shots on a couple of avalanche paths and it worked great.

Very Great App

I use it all the time. I use it conjunction with my phone in locating points and where I am. I also use it like a mini telescope. Gary Brewer

Useful for variety of tasks

I have had this app for several years. I don’t keep those I don’t use. I use it to level furniture and wall hanging. I have used it as a compass, gps, inclinometer. It has been easy to use and bug free. Definitely one of my favorite apps.

Works well

I don’t use often but when I do. I like it

Just What I Needed!

Theodolite is functional and easy to use for my work and personal needs. A great value for the app

Still the best

Thanks for a great program and keeping it updated.

Civilian/Geodetic mark recovery

Excellent documentation tool

Super useful

Use regularly for backcountry skiing!

One of the best apps ever

This is a great example of what great programming can do with an iPhone. To able to carry a virtual theodolite around like this is super handy. Good job!

iPhone X problems

Will not allow me to exit the app, I have to do a hard restart of phone to exit. I would advise not to purchase.

Very good app.

Very helpful app when I am out doing surveys of map data👍🏻.

Multiple uses!

Outstanding product and support

Essential App for Location Scouting

Being a night sky photographer, I use Theodolite for scouting locations to photograph the Milky Way. Oftentimes I need to know the elevation of a feature as well as compass points. This app is essential. I love the capture screenshot feature. In one photo I have all pertinent data I need for future reference. Awesome tool!

Excellent app

I’ve used this app to help me a-line radio dishes and it has be dead on. Excellent for my job.

Best app I own!

This app has so many uses I can’t begin to cover them all. Just buy it! You will never regret your purchase!!


Easy to use,

Great for evidence

I use this app on my work phone to take opening and closing photos of crime scenes or evidence collection. The data attached to the photos makes putting the evidence back at the scene so easy for court testimony.


Theodolite is a fantastic app that I use often. I do not give out 5 stars because I believe all good apps require improvements and room to grow.


Amazing app. Reliable and versatile.


Absolutely awesome app. Have used it for about 4 years and love it!

Great tool

Amazing and fun.


Great application for any outdoor activities. Very accurate.

Where are you?Houston

Great app to provide you detailed information on your location relative to the surroundings. Also great for documenting photographs that need location information as part of a record. Highly recommended.

Great app

Very functional and easy to use. Should be in everyone’s geospatial toolbox

Flat earth

Amazing app! I have used it for several years. Works best with a tripod. And it always helps to take notes. Especially useful for me in estimating distance and elevation to a waypoint while hiking. Thanks!

Very Useful....

...for maritime Nav.

Buy this App

I build MTB Trails, I use this app more and more. Why carry an inclinometer when I always have my phone. I use the video feature of Theodolite too. I take distances and capture in a pic. I get Trail approved using these features. Great app.

Handy Tool

I picked up this app several years ago. I don’t have a professional use for it but it has been fun and handy to have on my phone. I’ve used it to measure slopes for trail building, calculate tree height while felling trees near the house, and to settle arguments.


Best app

Very useful

Excellent device. Best handy field tool for establishing locations.


This app will not run on iPhone 5.

Extreme information!

Everything that you could want to know about your location and your camera subject

Best app ever

I use this in astrophotography for a rough polar alignment, and leveling the mount. It works great!


Works great for recording positional data and verifying position and location


This app is essential for providing an array of info that is critical to fully document a location of interest and what can be found there. I have used it to document locations that have been visited for field trips, guides, evidence, and many other applications. For me, as a geologist, scientist, teacher, guide, and explorer.

Extremely useful, no drama.

As stated above.

Great app

App is useful in so many ways! Would recommend to anyone!


Outstanding product

Great App

Ooutstanding App well worth the money. You ‘ll need time to let it all sink. Getting it set up properly is the biggest challenge, but once set tracks your every step. It will provide more data than you might want but set it up for your personal needs. A little daunting at first in as much it’s capabilities are many. But you can use the tracker straight away . 5+ Stars

Theodolite camera

Fantastic for all sorts of activities. Especially as image based way point log. Recently use it to capture the damage done by direct hit from a lightning strike on my house. The image proved without doubt when, where and what had the damage bad been done. And save your like on extreme backpacking adventures.

Love It

What else is there to say?

Great App

Works as required

Great app

Works perfectly!

A fabulous little theodolite app

Provides most of the functions that a $3k theodolite would provide, for a little bit cheaper than $3k. If you care about angles, levels and locations, you’ll love this app. The 2,4x zoom feature makes it particularly easy to align precisely with small targets. The GPS lat-longs are embedded in the logs for convenient review. It’s great!

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