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Theodolite app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 3392 ratings )
Photo & Video Navigation
Developer: Hunter Research and Technology, LLC
5.99 USD
Current version: 6.0, last update: 10 months ago
First release : 30 Nov 2009
App size: 6.53 Mb

Theodolite HD is a multi-function viewfinder that combines a compass, two-axis inclinometer, rangefinder, GPS, map, nav calculator, and geo-overlay photo/movie camera into one indispensable app. Theodolite was one of the very first augmented reality apps when it was released in 2009, and it’s been downloaded and used by millions of customers since then. Uses are endless, and the app is great for land measurements, outdoor sports, sightseeing, navigation, and finding your way around. Theodolite is a pro grade app and is used extensively by surveyors, geologists, architects, engineers, competitive sportsmen, first responders, military personnel, and search and rescue workers around the world.

Theodolite lets you take data-overlay camera images and movies, with 2X-8X digital zoom and fast image processing. You can overlay geographical data, date, time, and custom notes directly on photos and movies for later reference.

View your current position on the built in map, with optional new offline Outdoors maps that include topo contours (feet or meters), roads, trails, landmarks, campgrounds, ski lifts, and more. Live map markers continually update distance/heading relative to the current location and also show wayfinding info on the main camera screen.

Share map markers and nav calculator points with other users of Theodolite via text messages or e-mail. This powerful capability opens up a wide range of collaborative uses which include team land surveying, accident investigations, spotting of wild fires, triangulation of landmarks, and advanced tactical observation and targeting operations.

Theodolite includes features for serious users like a reference angle mode, nav calculator, map marker import/export, data logging with CSV and KML export (via e-mail or iCloud Drive), system-wide clipboard integration, percent grade display, mil compass readout, optical rangefinders (including a mil-based reticle, sniper-style stadiametric graphs, and a variable 4X-24X scope), and colored lens filters to improve use in dark conditions and preserve night vision.

Theodolite can provide location in military grid reference system (MGRS) coordinates, Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) coordinates, British/Irish National Grids, US National Grid, Maidenhead locator system, and six latitude/longitude formats. Optional US State Plane coordinates include SPCS27 and SPCS83 zones covering all US States. The optional Datum Pack adds over 230 geodetic datums to the app for more accurate position computation from GPS data, covering regions and countries on all continents around the world.

With an optional in-app purchase to enable team tracking, you can share location with up to 20 people on Theodolites map. Team tracking was developed in conjunction with search and rescue experts to offer a good balance between simplicity and performance.

Theodolite has been shown in Apple Keynotes, featured on the App Store, and has been a #1 selling Navigation app in App Stores around the world. Since its introduction in 2009, Theodolite has defined augmented reality navigation. The app continually introduces new technologies, pushing the limits of iOS app development and taking advantage of new hardware capabilities.

Find out why Apple named Theodolite one of the most amazing apps available and showed it being used to explore the Great Wall of China. Where will you take it on your next adventure?

Theodolite requires an iPhone or iPod touch (see the “Theodolite HD” app for use on iPad).

Pros and cons of Theodolite app for iPhone and iPad

Theodolite app good for

A real nice surprise and a must for skippers and astronmers. CM
I like this app, because it provides everything one needs to get the coords and all other necessary information about your geo position.
Needful for anyone who think that these Informations are necessary on photos
This app is very cool -- and works as advertised -- but landscape mode is upside down (at least on the iPhone 5). You cant rest it on anything because the volume buttons get in the way.
This is my favourite app. Works as advertised and provides value.
It does exactly what it says, with a great UI and versatile functionality. Keep up the great work! :)

Some bad moments

Please stop asking me with that f#*$£ng popup for a review. Sorry, thats a bad habit. The app on the other side is very nice.
After nearly a year of development, the iPhone and iPad apps are still separate apps. With iCloud becoming standard amongst developers this could have been hugely beneficial for this app. As of now, if you want datum packs, you need to pay twice for both of your devices. If you want team tracking, pay twice. If you add markers on your phone, you wont see them on your iPad. And so on.... The fit and polish of the app is superb. I feel confident that my measurements are as accurate as the device can give. Nonetheless, there is no excuse for not merging both apps. They look exactly the same. Its not like there was a different tablet UX.
I cant believe the positive reviews here. This app is still broken on my iPhone 6S running iOS 9.3.2. Whatever patch others are reporting fixed the problems with their 6S as of 9.2 STILL does not work for me.
I bought the bundle--- waste of money the weather worked ok for a few days now will not add sites--- I have tried everything-- so really dont waste money on the bundle.

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