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Ça marche

Bonne application

Good app. Thank.

Very good app.


Belle application

Too cool


Take care of the heading accuracy

Very nice app : intuitive interface and usefull tools. But the poor hardware accuracy of the gyro/compass (1°) makes it useless for serious measures. For example, the distance approximation of a triangulation is : 2% for two ref-points at 90° 6% for two ref-points at 30° 16% for two ref-points at 10° 30% for two ref-points at 5°

Awesome App!!!

Excellent App, useful, practical and well designed!


Is to much!!!


Funciona bem


A real nice surprise and a must for skippers and astronmers. CM

Theo does it!

Surprisingly well conceived! Thanks

Great StuffIt

I like this app, because it provides everything one needs to get the coords and all other necessary information about your geo position.

Asking for Review

Please stop asking me with that f#*$£ng popup for a review. Sorry, thats a bad habit. The app on the other side is very nice.

Nice App

Needful for anyone who think that these Informations are necessary on photos

Very cool (but upside down)

This app is very cool -- and works as advertised -- but landscape mode is upside down (at least on the iPhone 5). You cant rest it on anything because the volume buttons get in the way.


This is my favourite app. Works as advertised and provides value.

Cool app

A favourite app and fun to say.

Fantastic app with no equal

It does exactly what it says, with a great UI and versatile functionality. Keep up the great work! :)


This is both fun and helpful. Use it hiking most of the time. Works well with a compass. Keep up the great work.


This is a great app. I use it for work almost every day. Bravo!


Very high quality, precise tool. Highly recommended. A must have.

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